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The BoxCart Climate Controlled Storage Facility

Boxcart Facility

You may not be able to live in paradise, but your stuff will!

BoxCart has the ONLY 100% A/C, Heated, Humidity-Controlled Moving & Storage Facility in the DC Metro Area!

Year-round temperatures in the 70’s with less than 60% humidity!

BoxCart is located at 22455 Powers Court, Suite 200, Sterling, VA 20166. MAP

Our climate controlled storage facility was designed and built around Climate Control, Security, and Fire Protection. We at BoxCart protect your belongings as if they were our own.

Air-Conditioned, Heated and Humidity-Controlled

BoxCart is the only 100% Air-conditioned, Heated and Humidity-controlled facility in the Metropolitan DC Area. Your goods will be kept at a relative humidity of 50%-60% with year-round temperatures in the 70's to protect against and minimize the harmful effects of high humidity. You won't find a comparable storage environment anywhere in the vicinity, and honestly, we don't think you should settle for less!

The term “Climate Control” is thrown around the moving & storage industry with no regard to what it actually is and why you need it! Humidity is the enemy when it comes to your precious belongings, which is why BoxCart took the extra care to equip our entire moving & storage facility with air-conditioning, heat, and humidity control. Don’t be fooled by the other companies that charge extra for ambiguous “Climate Control”!


Our facility is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art electronic security equipment and is 100% electronically surveilled with additional off-site security monitoring.

Fire Protection

Our facility has a centrally-monitored automatic water-sprinkler system that covers every square foot of the building.