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If you have perused the online listings of homes or toured them yourself you probably have a good sense of which homes are most appealing. Is it those with Mickey Mouse decorations all over the bedroom wall or the places that take a minimalist approach with few pictures, no knick-knacks, and simple decorations? 

‘Decluttered’ homes can sell faster and for more money.

Experts believe decluttering shows a home to its best advantage, which can make for a faster sale and a higher sales price. As an added bonus, decluttering your home now can help you prepare for a move by simplifying and organizing your belongings.

By removing extraneous furniture and belongings, the home opens up to potential buyers so that they can visualize their own furniture and decor in that space. You may wonder where you’re going to put all your stuff to pull off this staging, but the great thing is that you don’t have to shove everything in a closet and keep your fingers crossed that a potential buyer doesn’t open it. Just let BoxCart take care of your precious belongings until you’re ready to move!

Preparing your home for staging and decluttering is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Ask for Staging Assistance

Call BoxCart to speak with one of our AMSA Certified Moving Consultants to help you determine your best options for this phase of your move. You’ll receive advice about the best approaches to take when planning your staging, whether you’re doing it on your own or working with a Realtor or home staging specialist.

2. Allow BoxCart to Assess the Situation

Let us provide you with a FREE in-home estimate performed by an expert moving consultant to determine the appropriate number of portable storage containers to accommodate your staging and decluttering needs.

3. Delivered, Packed, and Stored

BoxCart delivers and loads your furniture and belongings into our unique all-steel storage containers, then stores them in our 100% air-conditioned, heated, and humidity-controlled storage facility until you’re ready to complete your move. Make things even easier on yourself by letting BoxCart pack everything for you before we load it into the mobile storage containers.

Experience the BoxCart Moving Difference

At BoxCart, we take pride in your possessions and the entire moving experience. Let us make a positive difference in your next move.

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