BoxCart® Professional Moving & Storage vs. PODS

Features BoxCart® PODS® Benefits
Ultimate Climate Control: Air-Conditioned, Heated AND Humidity Controlled   Climate Control doesn't always mean what you think it means! BoxCart has the only 100% air-conditioned, heated and humidity-controlled storage container facility in the DC Metro area. You won't find another storage facility in the area, including PODS, with this level of climate protection for your precious belongings.
Convenient Size   Each BoxCart portable storage unit holds 1-1 1/2 rooms of furniture and boxes. This manageable size allows you to more efficiently load your goods in our container(s) than in a 12' or 16' PODS portable storage container, thereby minimizing the risk of your contents shifting during transit.
Simple to Separate Different Rooms & Types of Belongings   Who wants to store delicate dishware and upholstered furniture next to a lawnmower or dirty garage tools? With BoxCart's conveniently-sized portable storage containers, you can store them in completely separate storage units, without ordering multiple 12' or 16' PODS' portable storage units that you may not be able to fill completely.
Scaleable and Affordable   With BoxCart, you scale in the number of portable storage units you need, unlike PODS, which requires you to rent 12' or 16' portable storage units that may create unused space that you don't need and have to pay for. Additionally, with BoxCart, you'll only pay for the actual number storage container(s) that you use. If you have overestimated, you won't be charged for it!
Prorated Rent   After the first month of rent, BoxCart charges for the actual days you use the container(s). PODS does not prorate rent and charges a full month's rent even if you only use their PODS portable storage container 1 day into a new month.
100% Steel, Weatherproof Storage Containers   Each BoxCart portable storage container is 100% steel which provides you with added security for your belongings. PODS uses portable storage containers with reinforced fiberglass walls and plywood floors (that can carry odors, spills, and stains from prior customers).
Easy Access   Finding something in your BoxCart portable storage unit is simple, due to its manageable size. There's no need to search through 12' or 16' of your belongings in a PODS storage unit to find that one box all the way in the back!
Perfect for Apartment, Condo, and Urban Dwellers   Up to 3 BoxCart portable storage containers fit into one standard parking space, so even people in small spaces can enjoy the benefits of portable storage. Our forklift delivery system allows us to place your portable storage containers up close to your garage door, several in a single parking space, down alleyways, even in backyards, and many other places that the PODS portable storage units cannot.
Container Placement Flexibility   Because BoxCart uses a forklift delivery system, our portable storage containers can be placed in a variety of areas that PODS cannot. Our delivery system only requires 9' in width and 9' in height, as opposed to PODS which requires clearance at least 12' in width and 15' in height.
Easy to Pack and Load   BoxCart portable storage units have doors that swing open. Therefore every inch inside the BoxCart container can be used to store your belongings, as opposed to leaving room for PODS' roll-up doors, which also can also get jammed if content shifting occurs.
Member of the Self-Storage Association and the Mobile Self-Storage Association   BoxCart is a member of the Self-Storage Association and the Mobile Self-Storage Association.
Local, Family-Owned and Operated   BoxCart is a family-owned and operated company. Unlike PODS, when you call BoxCart, you have direct access to the key decision-makers within the company. No more call-centers thousands of miles away.
BoxCart® is not associated, sponsored by, or affiliated with PODS Enterprises, Inc.  PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.


BoxCart Moving Company provides the Ultimate Climate Control, including Air-Conditioning, Heat, and Humidity Control. PODS storage units do not.


BoxCart Moving Company provides storage units conveniently sized to hold 1-1 ½ rooms of belongings, so you can order only as much storage as you need. PODS storage units are 12’ and 16’, requiring you to have potentially unusable storage space.


BoxCart Moving Company’s storage units are 100% steel & weatherproof, providing you with added security & peace of mind. PODS storage units are made of fiberglass with plywood floors.


BoxCart Moving Company uses a forklift delivery system, allowing our portable storage units to be placed in tight spaces that PODS storage units cannot.


BoxCart Moving Company provides a range of moving services (packing, loading containers or units, direct moves with or without storage), all using our own employees. PODS strictly provides portable storage delivery & pick-up, and any labor is contracted out to a 3rd party.

BoxCart® is not associated, sponsored by, or affiliated with PODS Enterprises, Inc. PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.