Why Choose Mobile Self Storage?

“Do-it-Yourself” Mobile Storage Solutions

Mobile storage is portable, secure, weatherproof storage that allows you to pack at your leisure and move when you’re ready. With BoxCart, mobile storage is made possible with our unique moving storage containers.

There are 4 major advantages to using BoxCart mobile self storage:

1.     Load and unload just once.

Ground-level portable storage containers are delivered right to your home driveway or office parking lot for you to load as items are ready. These portable storage units can be stored at your location, moved to BoxCart’s state-of-the-art storage facility, or they can be moved anywhere within the Metro D.C. area.

With mobile storage, you never have to rent a truck or struggle with traditional storage issues – BoxCart does the heavy lifting.

2.     Portable storage containers are built to withstand the elements.

Forget about fiberglass or wood storage. Your cherished belongings will be safe in BoxCart’s weatherproof steel mobile storage – no tarps, no taking chances.

3.     Reasonably-sized mobile storage containers can be easily loaded, moved, and searched.

Why rent more storage space than you need? Our 5’ x 8’ containers allow you to use as few – or as many – portable storage containers as you need.

Smaller-sized storage containers also make for easy and secure loading, and eliminating extra space helps prevent items from shifting in transit.

Our 5’ x 8’ size allows you to organize and separate your nice furniture from your garage tools. With large storage containers you may find yourself throwing in whatever fits just to use up the space. And who wants their fine china and family heirlooms right next to the lawn mower?

And how easy do you think it is to get to that one box in the very back corner of a 16’ container? With BoxCart’s reasonably-sized storage containers, what you see is what you have. We make it much easier for you to find individual items, boxes, and pieces of furniture.

Finally, our smaller-sized storage containers fit nicely into standard parking spots – perfect for apartments, townhomes, and condos.

4.     We believe in superior customer service.

As a family owned and operated business, we really do care about customer service. Our customers have direct access to all the key decision-makers within the company. We don’t believe in out-of-town (or out-of-country!) call centers to take care of our customers.

Experience the BoxCart Mobile Storage Difference

At BoxCart, we take pride in your possessions and the entire moving and storage experience. Let us make a positive difference in your next move.

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