Why Choose BoxCart for Your Northern Virginia or Long-Distance Move?

Any move is daunting – residential or office move, local or long-distance – and that feeling of being out of your element can easily begin when you start searching for a moving company. At BoxCart, we pride ourselves in being one step ahead of all your worries, eliminating any concerns before they have a chance to take root. 

BoxCart Comes to You

Every BoxCart move begins with a FREE in-home consultation and estimate from our AMSA Certified Moving Consultants. We see exactly what you have and provide an accurate, up-front estimate – no surprises later.

We’re Your “Moving Concierge”

During a move it can feel like you’re trying to manage and coordinate so many things at once that something is bound to fall through the cracks. Your personal BoxCart move coordinator will handle all the details throughout your entire full-service moving process.

Acclaimed Protection for Your Move

BoxCart’s acclaimed “Home Protection Service” is designed to protect not only your furniture and belongings, but also your home. That means no chipped paint, stained carpeting, broken glass, or damaged furniture. We take every precaution to cover surfaces and carefully crate, box, or wrap your possessions so that from one home to the next, one office to the next, every item will be safe and handled with care.

Superior Storage

Whatever items you want or need to have stored will be protected, from fine art to antique furnishings, computers to comforters, in our safe and secure, 24-hour monitored storage facility.

Customize Your Move

Your move is exactly that. Your move. At BoxCart we offer a la carte services, so you can customize your move to meet your needs and fit within your budget. From professional packing to full-service moving to entire do-it-yourself moves, your wish is our command.

Taking Pride in Your Possessions

At BoxCart, we take pride in your possessions and the entire moving experience. Let us make a positive difference in your next move.

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